All City Music Festival 2018

The Fifth Annual All City Music Festival was performed on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. in the Sangamon Auditorium at UIS. The middle school and high school bands and choirs from Glenwood, Springfield, and Lanphier participated, which was over 390 people. There they debuted a myriad of compositions.

Arrangements of the performances ranged from Elijah Rock, Anthem from Chess, Sing, La La Land, What is Hip?, Dear Evan Hansen, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal and, Bridge Over Troubled Water from the middle school performers. The Gladiator, Rhythm of the Winds, and West Side Story were performed by the high school bands, with a combined performance from all three in the closing piece Let There Be Peace.

The show began with the middle school band and choir, directed by Abby Bentsen, Lacey Harrison, Dia Langellier, Darien Orr, Shelly Shaw, William Russell, and Kingsley Keys, with their combined performances of Normandy Beach March, La La Land, and What Is Hip?

Special spotlight solo and soli performances from the middle school choir include Kayla Adkins, Aleah Cross, Denayasha Jackson, and Destiny Johnson. Special spotlight performances for the middle school band include Moriah Crawford, Mira Ivy, Meghna Prakash, Arya Sreedhar, and Bella Yu playing flute; Augusta Harris-Patel, Lily Ha, and Ellise Swihart on clarinet; Malik Greco on tenor saxophone; Sophia Beem and Rowan Ehmen on trumpet; Bruce Beem, Sam Hartl, Darren Sewavi, and Emily Ye on trombone; and Natalie McLaughlin on percussion.

Spotlight performances from the high school choir includes Regina Ivy, Leah Fry, Wynton George, Dugan Hollinshead, Allena Lott, Jack McLaughlin, Haley Richbark, and Kendra Ward from the high school choir during the performances of Waving Through A Window, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal, and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Spotlight performances for the high school band were composed of Anneliese Paton, Katelynn Paulen (11), and Caitlin Zoschke on flute; Carlton Brown and Andi Perko on oboe; Joyce Gao and Ben Rempfer on clarinet; Louie Yockey on bass clarinet, Jacob Parker on alto saxophone; Jack Allen, Jason Gao and Joseph Runkle on trumpet; Adrian Russo on french horn; and Thomas George and Kaylee Wobig on trombone.

The high school band and choir was directed by Angela Brink, Mel Pinter, Lori Saathoff, Kelly Goldberg, Kittie Hose, Tom Philbrick and Sue Warren. The select spotlight performers in both categories were also chosen to participate in the IMEA (Illinois Music Education Association) District Festival and All State, and their respective schools could not be prouder.  

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