Take Your Child to Work Day

“Take Your Child to Work Day,” which is officially called “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” is a day when children are taken to work with their parents to see what they do for a living. This holiday is celebrated in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and this year, in the United States, it falls on April 26.

The idea of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is that children look up to their parents, and going will inspire the kids to pursue a career like their parents have, as well as exposing them to careers beyond doctors, teachers, and pilots. In addition, it is meant to show them how far they can go if they take their education seriously and obtain a degree. However, many argue that this day is simply used as a way for students to get out of their classes. In addition, there is some dispute about the age children should attend.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is held the fourth Thursday of April every year. This date is chosen so that companies are able to prepare ahead of time for their young guests. A Thursday is used so that on Friday the students can apply the knowledge they have learned to their classroom. Setting a national day also helps to make the child feel as if they are part of something bigger, as millions of kids across the country get involved in the day and prepare to shape our world’s future.

The day is intended for children who are between eight and 18. It is recommended that kids are older than eight due to attention spans and reading abilities. Children older than eight will get the most out of the day. It is also recommended to talk to your employer before bringing your children in, so that the employer knows what to expect. This is important because each company has different standards.

Although children do have to leave the classroom for a day, the experience that they receive makes up for it. As they begin to think about what they will do beyond grade school and which path is right for them, this program may help them decide. It also may make them work harder in school, as they see what lies before them.


For more information, visit their official website: https://daughtersandsonstowork.org

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