Senior Class Gifts

Every year the senior class buys a gift for Lanphier. The gifts spice up the school aesthetically and they leave behind a positive contribution to the school, as well as a memoriam for that graduating class. The gifts are always something that can improve Lanphier in a certain way.

“Lanphier has done flags in the past, we have put signage up for all of the entrances to the building, and we have put in benches for the classes of 2017 and 2018, and we hope to continue to add two more benches for the classes of 2019 and 2020,” said Ms. Monique Davis, the Senior Class Advisor at Lanphier High School.

Class of 2017’s benches are orange and Class of 2018’s are black. The Class of 2019 and 2020 will match the colors of the benches, respectively. The benches are approximately $1,000 a piece, and to get the money to pay for these benches the senior class has hosted various fundraisers, hosted homecoming, and has other sources of income throughout the year. If all of the money in the Senior Class Account is not spent, the leftover money will roll over to the next year.

“The benches are nice because students will have a place to sit during lunch and during the senior picnic. We are hoping that the students respect the benches, but the benches are made so that graffiti can be easily removed. After the class of 2020 there has been discussion about new stage curtains for the Gardener gym and planting trees outside of the building,” stated Ms. Davis.

Some students however had different opinions about the Senior Class Gift, such as Hannah Medley (11) and Charkeyra Hemphill (11). Both Hannah and Charkeyra agreed that the senior class could definitely work on more things.

“Some of our bathroom [stalls] don’t have doors, the faucets never work properly, and there’s just a lot more that could be fixed with the school rather than adding benches. I liked the idea of the banners that were put up in the past; I think that was a cute idea,” said, Hannah.

“Nobody ever notices [the benches]. I didn’t even notice them until I was sitting down on one. I didn’t even know we did a senior class gift. I mean [adding the benches] is a good idea, but I think we should do something else, something that’s going to be noticed. I want something that would really contribute to the school. I think we should raise a bunch of money and do something big with [the senior class gift],” said Charkeyra in response to Hannah’s comment.

It is important to note that no matter how big, or small the class gift is, there is one ultimate goal, and that is to build on top of what has already been done, and make a positive contribution to Lanphier High School.

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