April Fool’s Day

April Fools Day is the one time a year that everyone pulls pranks on their friends. While some people love this tradition, other people hate the idea of being fooled by their friends, family, or coworkers. Just make sure to stay on the side of being the prankster, not the one being pranked! Here are some ideas if you are wanting to prank someone in a new way this year:

One idea is to buy construction paper and sketch a picture of a bug. After this, you cut it out and put it inside of someone’s lamp, so that when they turn it on, it looks like there is a bug there.

A more classic prank is to tape a piece of paper to the bottom of someone’s computer mouse. This will cause the sensors to mess up, and they will be unable to use it.

Probably the best known prank of all time is putting whipped cream on someone’s hand as they are sleeping and then tickling their nose. When they go to itch their nose, they get whipped cream all over their face!

If you want to look at more pranks, you can check out these websites:



April Fools Day began in France in 1582. It started when the French switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. With this change, the new year changed from being late March, early April to January 1. Many people did not realize that the dates were switching, and continued to celebrate the old New Years. The people that did not recognize the change became the subjects of jokes and pranks. April 1 became known as “poisson d’avril,” which means April Fish. It became known as this because the French would put paper fish on the backs of those who were celebrating to symbolize easily caught fish being gullible.

Over the years, April Fools Day has been recognized in many countries and how it is celebrated has evolved. For more history on April Fools Day, visit this website:


Have a good April Fools Day, but remember while deciding which pranks to do, do not do anything dangerous or illegal. Also, consider how much work you will have to do to set it up and clean it up afterwards.

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