Casimir Pulaski Day

On the first Monday of March, the only thing that comes to mind is the thought of not having school due to some guy named Casimir Pulaski. To most, Pulaski’s identity is unknown along with the reason for the holiday. Casimir is a highly respected guy that should not only be known to the Polish, but also known to everyone.

Casimir Pulaski was born in Warsaw, Poland on March 6, 1745. He followed his father’s footsteps and became involved in the military.  Pulaski was one of the leading military commanders for the Bar Confederation, a league of Polish nobles that was formed to defend the liberties of the nobility within the Roman Catholic Church and the independence of Poland from Russian encroachment, and fought against the former Soviet Republics.

Following this, he traveled to North America to help with the American Revolutionary War after receiving a recommendation by Benjamin Franklin.

He actually even saved George Washington in war. The Americans were losing the battle against the British when Casimir realized that the British were trying to cut off retreat and capture Washington and his entire army. Pulaski then figured out an escape and saved Washington and his army.

Casimir became a general in the Continental Army and created the Pulaski Calvary Legion, which is his own little army.

Pulaski fought for the independence of both Poland and the United States. He is one of the eight people to be awarded honorary United States citizenship.

Casimir Pulaski Day is celebrated in mainly areas that have a large Polish population. One of those places is Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is actually where the law was passed to create this holiday due to the Polish residents that did not appreciate the fact of there not being any Polish heroes recognized.

Casimir Pulaski was a hero that helped give the United States and Poland their freedom. He fought endless battles and now we use that first Monday in March to give him thanks and honor him.


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