Band at Lanphier

The Band at Lanphier High School does marching, pep, and concert. All three are led by Ms. Kittie Hose. The marching band plays during the half time of football games. They play while marching and making shapes with their positioning. Pep band plays during half time and between games at basketball games from the sidelines. Concert band plays individual concerts. The concert band has two concerts, a winter one and a spring one. With all of this going on, students struggle with making sure to manage their time and practice, while still getting up early the next morning for zero hour.

Currently the band is working on both Pep and Concert band. For pep band these students must learn dozens of songs, and be prepared to have them out at moments notice, which often requires keeping them stored carefully in alphabetical order.

“I have watched quiet, shy students develop into confident leaders, I have also seen immaturity replaced by responsibility, and disorganization replaced by organization,” said Ms. Hose.

Some of these songs include newer songs such as Happy and All About that Bass. However, they also include classics like The Hey Song, YMCA, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Also, during this season, seniors are each able to choose one song to conduct.

“It is an honor that is reserved for seniors because they have put in a great deal of time and effort for the band and school, and they know the music!” said Ms. Hose.

Concert band usually contains about five or six songs that Ms. Hose carefully selects. This year the spring concert is being held on May 8

“I choose songs by the difficulty level, the interests of the players, and standard band literature,” said Ms. Hose.

Another great event that the band participates in is All-City band. All-City band this year is on the night of April 17. This concert contains some of the best players throughout the district! It will include both junior high and high school students, performing separate songs, and choir. In order to go to All-City band, you have to be selected by your instructor, so it is an honor to be able to perform there.

“Most seniors will go. After that, I look at the playing level of others and discuss instrumentation numbers with the other high schools,” said Ms. Hose.

With all of this included, band members grow as individuals and a group alike in great ways. Especially in the clubs that branch off from the regular band, jazz band and drumline. Both clubs contain students who are dedicated to the band, and want to learn more.

“My favorite thing about band is playing songs that I enjoy and being with the people I’ve come to know and be good friends with,” said Laura Betty(12).

Like most band students, Ms. Hose loved her time in band, which is part of why she decided to become a band teacher.

“Band was the biggest influence on my life from sixth grade on, so I understand what an impact it can have on a person’s development. Plus, it’s fun – and I have the best students in the school!” said Ms. Hose, on what she most enjoys about being a band teacher.

Another option for students to go above and beyond in band is to perform at Solo and Ensemble, which is open to band and choir students in middle or high school. You perform a piece as a solo or in a small group, and are asked to play scales as well.

At the end of the year, the band will also play at senior recognition and graduation, as their last performances for the school year.

The Band has been an important part of Lanphier for many years, and it continues to be so. All of the students involved in band work very hard, resulting in beautiful music. If you have the time to go to one of their performances and support them, it is definitely worth your while.

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