Why YOU Should Sign up for Newspaper

Lanphier has had a student-run newspaper for years. The name of the newspaper has been tossed around a few times, being known as The Lanphier Light, The Light, The Lanphier Legacy, The Lanphier Roar, and now more simply, The Roar. A few years ago The Roar went dormant and mostly silent, due to lack of involvement within the student body here at Lanphier, and the spread of online sources, rather than a physical copy version.

Alexandra Winters (11), had some similar thoughts about the newspaper.

“I haven’t really read [The Roar], since freshman year. [The student newspaper] is a big part of high school culture. I think [other students] are interested in other things, rather than the school newspaper.”

The Roar really needs your help next year! Please consider choosing newspaper when you are signing up for classes next year. If you have already signed up for your classes and want to take newspaper, all you have to do is talk to your AP about switching to newspaper, and they should be able to work something out for you.

Ms. Barbara Volkman, a foreign language instructor, here at Lanphier feels very passionate about the newspaper.

“I do think it’s important to have a school newspaper. It gives the students the opportunity to write, to interview people, and it’s a great opportunity to learn about your classmates. I think a school newspaper is relevant, even if it’s not a paper copy; I think it’s important for people to keep current.”

Students and teachers alike think it is extremely important to have as many students enroll in newspaper, as possible. The staff of The Roar would like to reiterate that if you’re considering newspaper as an option next year, you should see Mrs. Davis in room 249, or your AP as soon as possible!

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