Foods T-Shirts

This year, Ms. Heidi Beck, a new Foods teacher at Lanphier has been selling t-shirts to help raise money for their department. She uses this money to buy ingredients to be used in her classes, as well as to buy the equipment that they need, such as napkins, silverware, and utensils.

“It provides money for the [Foods] program for kids to cook,” said Ms. Beck.

She sells these t-shirts to students, teachers, staff, and generally anyone who is willing to purchase them! She’s sold over 50 so far this year alone and can make five or six in one class period!

The costs of these shirts vary on the amount of vinyl that they need to put on a shirt. However, Ms. Beck said that typically a short sleeve shirt costs $10, a long sleeve shirt costs $15, and a hoodie is $25.

The patterns for these shirts can be pretty much anything that you can think of; you just have to show her what it is that you are looking for, so the sky is the limit! You can also get letters added to the back if you would like to put your name. However, she does have predesigned Lanphier ones if you aren’t feeling super creative. One of students’ favorites is the shirt that says “Love” in black, with a paw print as the o, and then the word “Lanphier” above it in white. The background is orange. If you would like to see this design, it was featured on the school’s Instagram (lanphierhigh).

Faith Sidener(11) has purchased two of these shirts, one for herself and one for her mother.

“The design wasn’t like any of the shirts I’ve seen. I liked the color scheme. They’re very cute and affordable,” Faith said.

If you want to see some of the designs that are available, you can visit Ms. Beck’s room, room 23. She has a rack of one’s that she has created, and you can buy those, or request them in a different size or color. Even if you would like to create your own design, this is the room that you will go to to order it!

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