Making Goals to Make a Better You

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome,” stated Booker T. Washington, in his 1901 autobiography.

The problem is overcoming those obstacles. To overcome obstacles, it is extremely important to set up goals in life. Making goals can help you to achieve your dreams and track your progress while doing so, as well as help you accomplish mundane tasks that you need an extra push to get done. The two main types of goals are long-term goals, and short-term goals, both of which are equally important.

Long-term goals are things that you want to do far off in the future, such as buy a house, get married, or have kids. Short-term goals are things that you want to accomplish in the near future, like cleaning your room or finishing a book you have been reading.

People set these goals for themselves daily, in multiple different ways. The main time that people set goals is at the end of December, for their New Years Resolution, however, setting them regularly can push you to be a better you, even if it is just small goals you are setting! Part of setting up a goal is to stay committed to that goal: have a plan B or C, if something does not work out exactly how it was supposed to go, it is ok! Just keep moving forward!

One good place to go to get tips is This site recommends to first look at what you would like to do, and then, rather than setting such a wide, broad goal, break it down into several smaller goals. You can also look at what you plan on doing with your life, and use that to mold your goals. However, when you set goals, you need to be sure to look into not just one, but all aspects of your life. Look into how you would like to better your career and education, family, physique, attitude, talents, financial situation, and how you could make yourself, and others, overall happier.

Whenever you make a goal, you need to make sure that you make it specific. You need to make sure that it is measurable, so that you know exactly when your goal has been achieved. Make sure that your goal is attainable, and not something that you would be unable to reach. Make sure that it is relevant and really something you want to achieve. Lastly, you need to set a specific timetable on it, so that you will not allow yourself to procrastinate or make excuses.

Some people have been crazy successful just from following goals that they set in life. For example, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., set crazy, almost unrealistic goals for his design team on the iPhone, and unless they met Steve’s standard completely up-to-par, the product did not pass and was not released to the public. However, the design team did whatever possible to meet those goals, and they did. On June 29 of 2007, the original iPhone was released. One could argue that because Steve Jobs set these goals, the world has been changed forever.

Setting goals is important because it gives you the motivation to achieve things, and helps you to organize the time that it takes to do so. After achieving these goals, you will be able to take pride in your accomplishments, and you will be able to see what progress you have made. The best part of it all, however, is that you get to better yourself in the process!

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