You’ve probably seen a lot of DIY(Do It Yourself) projects on social media accounts or from your friends, but have you ever seriously looked into to making these projects? You can find how to make different projects on the internet, in books, or even learn from friends. You can use these projects to decorate your room, as gifts for friends, or just for yourself.

One of my favorite projects is to make dreamcatchers. To make a dreamcatcher, you first need to acquire a metal or wooden hoop. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the dreamcatcher, but,, recommends it being 5 to 8 inches. You also need suede lace, string, and anything you want to use to decorate it, such as glitter or feathers.

After you have all of the materials, the first step is to place a half-inch line of glue on the top of the hoop and wrap the hoop with suede lace. Once you finish wrapping the hoop with the lace, allow the glue time to dry before continuing forwards.

Next, you tie the string at the top of the hoop and string around the hoop. Keep doing this to form a small circle in the middle. Make sure to secure your strings with knots and leave a knot to hang it with at the top. Dreamcatchers are used to filter out bad dreams and decorate your bedroom!

On the simpler side, you could make paper snowflakes or airplanes. To make a snowflake, you first cut a paper into a perfect square. Then, you fold your paper in half diagonally three times. After this, you simply cut the paper as you choose to form shapes.

For an airplane, you first fold your piece of paper in half, vertically. You then unfold it and fold the top two corners into the center. Next, you fold the top edges into the center line, and then fold it in half, following your original crease. Then fold the wings down, making the top edges even to the bottom edge. These directions are for the basic designs for both of these projects, but you can find numerous different styles if you look them up online!

One popular DIY is tie dying a shirt or another object. To learn how to tie dye a shirt, you can go to this website, Lastly, if you are really ambitious, you can learn how to knit and make a sweater or a baby blanket! A good website to find this on is

It can also be a lot of fun to do these projects with your siblings or friends! You can find more ideas of things to make on Youtube, Pinterest, or