The Positive and Negative Affects of Cliques

Everyone has seen a movie that takes place in a high school, or at least one scene has been in a high school. In that imaginary high school, there are cliques. Cliques are a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them. Most of the time, there is a jock clique, nerd, outcast, cheerleader clique and so on.

Even though it is a part of high school, cliques are very affective once you graduate from high school. They are affective positively and negatively.

Cliques are affective positively because it helps teens figure out who they are. Usually around this age teens are trying to find themselves and want to fit in somewhere. Once they join a clique, not only have they found themselves, but they also found peers who are similar to them in many ways and might also have the same goals in life. Since the peers in your clique have the same goals, they will be able to give you more support than someone who does not strive for that same dream.

Even though cliques can help you find yourself, cliques can also tear you down. Being in a clique, you rarely let new people join. This can affect your ability to change. You will not be able to adapt to change easily or you will not be very good at making new friends and being around new people.

They are also negative because cliques can affect with your self-confidence. If you are different and you cannot find a specific clique to fit in with, then you could feel like you do not belong. This is a very big issue that comes with cliques. Many people begin to feel unwanted and that is never a good feeling to have.

Even though there are positive side effects to having cliques in high school that does not mean overall it is a necessary thing to have. People should be able to bond with everyone and make everyone feel loved and cared for. With that being said, it is okay to have your friend group or “clique”, but it is also okay to be friends with people that do not fall into your cliques’ category.

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