The Future for Seniors

What future awaits us? Lots of seniors ask themselves this. Some are choosing the path of college, while others are looking for immediate jobs, or already have jobs that help support their family. Some just want to get out of the state or country, while others want to stay close to home.

The one thing we all know is that, whatever it is that we want to do in life, it won’t just walk right up to us. We have to work for it. Whichever path you choose, it’s all still scary. Either way, it could lead us to success, or it could lead us to disaster. It’s all very daunting, I, as a senior, can say this. Looking down the path it’s unsure whether it’s going up or down. It’s hard to see over the edge.

There are a lot of students that have set plans for the future, and it’s all very scary to think about how they could all end up wrong. My hope is that all of them persevere because we all deserve to live happy lives. No matter what happens to us. To the student flying out to California to pursue an acting career, you got this. To the student staying home to study, and to the student who can’t really afford it, it will turn out; the sun will shine on you one day, and you can make it. We all have the potential of doing great things and being great people.

There are many seniors in this school; all of them have the chance to be what they want. All they need to do is take that next step into life and brace themselves for either a free fall or a steep slope to success. Sometimes it will take awhile for you to be able to get back on your feet, other times it just comes naturally. A lot of the time people try to pursue something that they aren’t, and they just need to climb back into the world and decide what it is they love.

Let me tell you one thing that can be learned from living life: Love is something you need to have in your heart. Love is something that is fleeting, and you need to be sure that you don’t hurt yourself or your loved ones. You need them in your life, or it will tear you apart to be alone.

Good luck out there, fellow seniors. Let us hope it won’t be too hard of a ride.

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