School Electives Decreasing

Why does the nation always go after the arts when it comes to cutting classes out? Art, shop, choir, band, foods, all of these classes are there for a reason. Many students pursue a career in these classes and, news flash, not everyone wants to be a pro-basketball player or a scientist. A lot of the students in this school are working towards a career in the art field or the culinary field. If we take away these classes, that can affect what college they attend.

It’s hard to work in the music industry if you have absolutely no experience with any instruments or how to sing without hurting yourself. A lot of students would be angry that they couldn’t spend time doing something they love, or they would be upset that they couldn’t have a proper music outlet.

Don’t we want to see students enjoying what they love?

Foods is a great class that teaches students the basics of cooking and how to be safe in the kitchen. If a student did get into a big fancy culinary school, who’s to say they’ll be able to pick up on the basic skills in the kitchen? They have the real risk of hurting themselves or someone else. If you aren’t careful, you can end up getting someone very sick because you didn’t know you have to wash veggies before you cook with them.

And can we talk about how hard all our other classes are? It’s stressful and complicated to get all that work done, but then you go off to shop class or to choir, and you get to let out all that built up stress. You can let it out in song, or you can let it out in how hard to hit the nail with the hammer. It gives us the option to relax and just take time to enjoy yourself. Not everyone is made for Shakespeare or Calculus. Not everyone is made for sports.

If the funding takes out these classes, students will have an even harder time in class. One of the only ways you can keep students from acting out because of stress is to make sure that we keep the classes that we love.

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