Lanphier High School

When most people hear the name “Lanphier High School”, they tend to immediately think about the stereotypes that were given to the school. Many people think LHS is full of students who could care less about their education and care more about fighting. LHS is actually filled with very intelligent students that crave for an above average GPA.

In a story written in The Voice by the State Journal-Register, two girls, one that attends Sacred Heart-Griffin and the other that attends Lanphier High School, participated in school swap. School swap is basically an activity that is made to break the stereotypes given to another school. Issy Wottowa (12) who attends SHG shadowed a student here at Lanphier to see how life was like for a day at Lanphier High.

Issy actually was very surprised by the school itself. She wrote in a story entitled “Despite Rumors, Lanphier was just another school” about her experience here.

“But after the experience, I can say with confidence that I was shocked by Lanphier — not by unruly behavior or fights or any other types of misconduct I had heard rumors about, but because it was just a day regular, boring day at school. Sure, kids were slightly rowdier than they are at SHG, and it was weird seeing kids get out of their seats without permission or talk in class without being disciplined, but that was because I had grown up in a very strict school environment my entire life. At Lanphier, the atmosphere was so much more relaxed, and the students were given much more leeway than I was ever given,” stated Issy.

She gave many compliments about our school. She even begins to talk about our teachers and how the unity here at Lanphier is amazing.

“Throughout the day, teachers would come over to Sharee’ and I and talk to me about my experience at Lanphier. I thought it was so cool that they sat down and talked to me about my day. The staff was really proud of their school, almost every teacher said something along the lines of, ‘Yes, we are a little rough around the edges, but we are who we are, and we are proud of it.’ I thought that sense of unity and pride of the students and faculty was truly inspirational.”

Issy enjoyed her time at Lanphier. She did not understand where the cruel rumors about Lanphier even came from. Issy had the chance to step into the shoes of a Lanphier Lions and see what actually goes on inside these walls. Issy then was able to tear down those rumors about LHS by writing a public article about they unity and friendliness our school holds. Besides the rumors, Lanphier is just a boring, old, regular school just like all the other schools.

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