Download the Grade Calculator for Excel by Clicking Here, courtesy of Ms. Anderson.

Springfield District 186 High Schools have come to a consensus to officially change the way semester grades will be determined and calculated. Rather than using the current letter grade scale as a basis to calculate the semester grade, all high schools will be calculating the grade using a new, mathematically correct percentage system. The new system will work using the same four to one ratio, with both of the quarter grades accounting for 80% of the grade and the semester final accounting for 20% of the grade. The updated grading scale will not harm any students, in fact, it should generally benefit students, giving them a grade that more accurately represents what they deserve.

The Math Behind The New System:

(% Grade of 1st Quarter × .4) + (% Grade of 2nd Quarter × .4) + (% Grade of Final × .2) = Semester Grade


Example: (89 × .4) + (89 × .4) + (94 × .2) = 90%


To earn credit for the class, a student must still pass two of the three.

(Q1, Q2, and Semester Exam)

All-in-all, the new grading scale is more mathematically correct.

“I think it’s a good idea because semester exams will actually be worth what they’re worth, rather than just being a letter grade. It will create more accurate grades for students,” stated Ms. Barbra Volkman.

What You Should Know: The biggest change in the grading scale is that it now differentiates grades based on a more mathematically correct system. So it is possible if a student earned a ‘B’ 1st quarter and a ‘B’ 2nd quarter, they could get an ‘A’ on the exam and still have a chance of earning an ‘A’ for the semester grade, whereas in the old system the student would still be stuck with a ‘B’ for the semester grade. However, is it important to note that if the new system hurts a student’s grade, their semester grade will be determined referring back to the old grading procedure.