Top 10 Songs

As teenagers, we tend to listen to music while doing everyday activities. Most of the time the songs we prefer to listen to are the most popular songs nationally. Below are some popular songs that can be added to your playlist.

#1. Post Malone- Rockstar: This is a very smooth song that has a very soothing melody
that just makes you want to sit back and relax.
#2. Camila Cabello- Havana: Havana is a very catchy and intriguing song that make you
unconsciously sing along.
#3. Ed Sheeran- Perfect: While listening to Perfect you will start to think about that
special someone in your life and smile.
#4. Lil Pump- Gucci Gang: If you are in a hyper mood and you feel like jumping
around, then this song is for you.
#5. Imagine Dragons- Thunder: Thunder is a song that just makes you want to nod your
head and tap your feet.
#6. Sam Smith- Too Good At Goodbyes: For those times that you are feeling down and
want to listen to heart felt music, this song is perfect.
#7. Cardi B- Bodak Yellow: With its very upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, this song
makes you want to sing it with an attitude.
#8. G-Eazy- No Limit: With the mix of three different styles of rap, this song makes you
want to sing along and dance.
#9. Maroon 5- What Lovers Do: Maroon 5 is back at it again with another catchy song
that everyone knows.
#10. Portugal. The Man- Feel It Still: This was a song made for the rebels. It is a rebel’s
anthem to sing to while making them kick it like it is 1986 now.

There are plenty of songs on the Billboard 100. They constantly update their charts to
match the most popular songs listened to. Anytime you are looking for a new song check out the top ten or go to

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