Choir Concerts and Other Choir Information

Are you a fan of music or enjoy watching music groups perform? If you answered yes, then this article might be useful for you. At LHS there is a great Choir teacher, Ms Lori Saathoff, who is always looking for more people to sing in her choir. In her choir class the students sing a range of songs, from the classic Star Spangled Banner to acapella versions of Katy Perry songs.

There are two different choir classes here at Lanphier along with two afterschool choir groups. The first group is the Mixed Ensemble. This choir class is auditioned for prior to the school year beginning. It includes a little more advanced music and is more along the lines of a show choir.

Then there is the Concert Choir. This class is open to anyone who wants to have fun and sing. For those who are not fortunate enough to have times in their schedule for choir class we have two after school groups, Men’s Choir and Women’s Choir. Women’s Choir meets in Mrs Saathoffs room 228 after school on Monday and the Men’s Choir does the same on Fridays.

Coming up for the Holiday season there are a couple performances that the choirs are putting on. On December 6th there is a winter choir concert. The concert will take place at the high school in the large commons.

Every year the choirs go on what they call a “tour”. They go around to different facilities and sing Christmas carols. This year the mixed ensemble will be performing on Tuesday December 5th at Concordia Village, White Oaks Mall, and St. John’s Hospital. On Wednesday December 13 the concert choir will travel to ISBE and White Oaks Mall. This is a great opportunity for them to perform in the community.

Do you have an empty slot on your schedule for next semester or a class you don’t want to take anymore? Don’t worry about a thing because Mrs.Saathoff is always looking for new singers to join her choir!

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