Finals Preparation Tips

As finals season approaches, many students wonder how they are going to earn an A in all of their classes. While there is no one perfect way to achieve this, many people use different approaches to get the grade they desire.

One good website to get study tips from is

They suggest to begin by starting to review early! Waiting until the last minute and then trying to cram at the last second is a well-known recipe for disaster. Instead, focus on the content and try to make it enjoyable by adding a tune to the information, or by allowing yourself study breaks when you have accomplished something or spent so long working.

“I make sure my mind is pretty relaxed, and then I read stuff over again,” said Lesley Everhart (11).

You can also color code your notes and visualize the information. It is also very important to create a study schedule to go by and pace yourself. Make sure that you start with the most important content, but branch out to things that are not directly on the study guide, so that you have well-rounded information on the topic, in case the teacher decides to throw in an extra question. Some good ways to review it are by reorganizing your notes, quizzing yourself, and creating your own study guide. The more you read over and rewrite your notes, the more likely you are to remember them, come test time!

Another good thing to do is to make sure that you ask questions as they pop up. Don’t be afraid of asking a stupid question, because other kids are probably wondering the same thing, and it is definitely better to speak up than sit in confusion.

“Typically, I just go over all of my notes for a couple of minutes everyday for like five days before finals in every class, especially in the classes I’m most focused in, like AP ones,” said Monica Stewart (12).

If you do not feel comfortable asking in front of your classmates, you can stick around after class or show up early to discuss the tests or classes contents with the teacher, and, similarly, you can find a friend in your class to study with and help.

“My freshmen year I had a tutor, because I had to stay at home from school for a while because I had messed my leg up, so he showed me tips for my finals. I normally go and get a stack of flashcards and put vocabulary and things like that down on them. He was just showing me different learning techniques and self-learning techniques,” said Jonathan Raynor (11).

One of the biggest perks of talking to your teacher is that you can find out what type of test it is going to be, so that you know whether to prepare for short answer, multiple choice, true/false, or matching.

“I gather up all my textbooks and just read. Get your study guide, and study,” said Mariah Squires (12)

Lastly, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep and eat a nutritious breakfast the morning of your test to ensure that you will have the energy you need to ace the test!

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