Who Has What Car?!

Cars are an everyday object we use to get where we need and we want to go. But to some, it’s a lifestyle. The Roar found two LHS Students with different vehicles. One student with a clean ride and one student with a trashy ride.

Jason Kueper (12), drives a clean all original 2003 4.6l v8 Ford Mustang. It is full of spirit and ready to race as long as the other car is up for the challenge that is. He is  not scared when it comes to the streets or Springfield or anywhere really.

This Mustang isn’t just your regular run down teenage car driven hundreds of thousands of miles though. It is a now two owner with 90xxx original miles and a positive rear end (posi differential), pushing around 260hp and 302 lb-ft of torque.  Not much out of a mustang when it is on paper, but on the streets, for a teenager, it’s “enough for now.”  

Despite it’s power, this speed machine is great on the highway as it gets 26 mpg!

What’s a car without a sound system though? This car has factory Mach 1 speakers and subs. Don’t let the age trick you though, this sound system is far better than anything in our school parking lots.

Now what’s a best friend without the same car as you. I’m a 17 year old, but I drive an older model compared to my friend Jason.

My Mustang is a 1998 3.8l v6 with 200,000 miles. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds, but is a work in progress.

As for now, it is just an old v6 with a ton of miles that get’s me from point A to point B. I do not use it for just driving though, it is also a toy. From drifting corners to burning rubber to replacing broken parts with aftermarket parts, it is a fun car. It comes with 150hp and a limited slip differential, but it is still fun no matter the weather.

If you want to show off your ride, come by room 249 and speak to one of the newspaper members. If you do not have time, you can try to contact us. Be sure to have the information about your vehicle and pictures ready.

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