Opinion: School Lunches are Nasty

Historically, it seems as if high schools have always had a bad reputation when it comes to school lunches. Sometimes even being compared to prison food, with our rotten oranges, lukewarm square pizza, or a blob of mystery meat. There’s always a slight discomfort with the school’s cafeteria food.

Christina King (11) was walking down the hallway after lunch, complaining about the horrible after taste.

“I feel like prison food is better than our food. I hate the food here, it’s so bad. I’ve eaten things here and immediately after I’ve felt sick. I feel like [school lunches] used to be better.”

The schools like to provide us with healthy alternatives like fruits, but sometimes the healthy food really isn’t so healthy.

“We throw away the fruit or vegetable because we don’t like it; the apples taste like chemicals. The steamed vegetables have no seasoning; they smell horrible,” says Christina.

There is also the chronic problem of being required to get a milk carton with your lunch.

“Some people would really prefer [drinking water] over milk because the milk is just gross,” Christina replied.

Stephanie Wilson (11) had her own input on school lunches.

“Students bring their own lunch because they don’t look forward to the school lunch at all. Sometimes it looks rotten, [and] it just doesn’t taste good. [School lunches] were better before, I don’t know what happened but they’ve gotten worse,” Stephanie remarked.

Students would rather buy [food] out of the vending machines than eat the provided school lunch.

“We should have more vending machines, so we have something on the side to get, just in case we don’t get a lunch. Sometimes I eat my apple, but sometimes it looks soft and rotten, so I have to throw it away. [If we throw it away] it’s not really wasteful, if they give us bad food.”

There was absolutely no way the lunches at Lanphier had always been this unappealing and satisfying.

So we asked 2002 Lanphier Graduate, Katrina Dufer what she had to say about the issue.

“[The school lunches] tasted good. The homestyle bar would always offer different meals, but the other bars usually offered the same things everyday. The food filled us up. We did have to pay for our food, but I had a lunch ticket. Nobody ever wanted less [than what their meal covered.]”

Clearly, school lunches were more enjoyable in the past and no one is really to sure why. We would love to hear your opinions on if you enjoy school lunches, or not, please let us know what you think below, in the comments.


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