Ways to Prepare for College

Graduating year is fast approaching and in the minds of many high school students, especially those born to the working-class, the niggling question still remains: How am I going to pay? Well, you’re in luck, because there are actually many opportunities available for you while you are still in high school. Many of which could transfer into college scholarships, help with financial aide, and, when the time comes, could help you earn a job that could better your overall life.

Volunteering at your local soup kitchen or with the zoo are two ways in which a student could earn the experience worthy of being inscribed onto a job application or allow them to become eligible for a college scholarship. The more volunteer hours the better!

In keeping with information about scholarships, there are literally scholarships for everything! Scattered throughout the internet are college scholarships and grants offering up to $3.7 million for everything from being Black, to having red hair, to having extensively volunteered, to having come from another country, to being multilingual, to just about everything in between. All one has to do is have the courage and motivation to go out there and search! A good starting point though would be to go to your school’s administrative office or guidance counselor and ask what opportunities are already readily available with scholarship information within schools.

Perhaps the most important thing one could do, if they wished to better their academic careers and get an easy start ahead of the pack, would be to fill out, complete, and send in an application for FAFSA, normally found within the administrative office or with the administrator of your high school. FAFSA stands for Financial Application for Federal Student Aid, attainable for all students of the high school grade levels regardless of country, state or school of origin. FAFSA offers grants to students of income low families. Grants are usually federally funded and entail money to go to school with no need to repay. Once these grants are received by those students the grant money is received directly at the school.

In the end, many lucrative and much-needed benefits are available to a great many graduating high school students about to enter college for the fall or spring semesters. One only needs the patience and knowledge to go out and look.

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