Teacher Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves. Everyone has them, and teachers are no exception. This is a list of pet peeves Lanphier High School’s staff has.

Ms. Monique Davis cannot stand it when students have out their phones and when she asks them to put the phone away, they try to say it wasn’t out.

“No one is looking at their crotch and smiling; it is pretty obvious,” she says.

It really is irritating to see people playing on their phones instead of doing their work. Also, heads up to the students who do this, her next pet peeve is that she gets irritated when students email her at 10 p.m. and ask her for an edit on work that is due that next day.

“This is a clear indication of procrastination.”

Ms. Kristen Jurgens says she does not have many pet peeves, but what really irks her is when students don’t bring pencils. Another one that bothers her is when the weekly sketch comes around and the class starts on it that hour. A lot of the students are at fault with this.

Ms. Brandy Stubblefield gets irritated when the classroom is in silence and a student starts clicking their pen.

Ms. Heidi Beck loathes students that lie and cheat.

“There’s really no excuse for you to not have done your work, save for family emergencies and sickness. If you don’t have it done, don’t lie about it.”

“When I ask a student to be quiet and they keep talking after I ask them to be quiet,” is when Ms. Lori Saathoff gets really annoyed.

Ms. Kittie Hose hates when, not only students, but people say that they can’t play an instrument.

“When my students don’t practice is when I get irritated with them,” says Ms. Hose.

She also loathes when people don’t pronounce Mozart properly. (It’s pronounced Moatzart).

Mr. Loren Wilson says he hates when the office runners walk into class and hand a pass directly to the student. He also does not like it when students ask what they are doing in class after it has already been explained.

Ms. Carmen Grendze gets annoyed when students do another classes work instead of paying attention to the work in her class. She also dislikes repeating directions.

Ms. Christine Beckman says cell phones in class, kids who randomly wander into the gym and profanity are just a few of her many pet peeves.

You see, teachers get annoyed too. It’s tough for them, just like it’s tough for the students. We all have our pet peeves. So, let’s try and refrain from some of them. I mean, would it be so bad to respect your teachers’ wishes?

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