Thanksgiving Recipes and Family Activities

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year. Food, friends, family, and did I mention, food? Thanksgiving has amazing food, but how will you make these dishes without recipes? You can go on just about any website and find recipes for pumpkin pie or stuffing. Most people find joy in cooking for their family, rather than going to the store and buying packaged stuffing.

Now, turkey is usually the main dish at a Thanksgiving feast, but another favorite is ham. Ham is by-far one of the best meats to serve. Here’s a recipe that you can find on the site, The recipe consists of a 10 pound ham, dark brown sugar, pineapple juice, honey, an orange and ground cloves. Here’s a link to the recipe so you can see it for yourself.

One dish not to forget: cranberry sauce. It is not everyone’s favorite dish, but someone in the family is bound to devour this jam like sauce. Cranberry Sauce is a bit of an odd dish. It is not really liquid, but not really solid either. You will need some water, sugar and cranberries to complete this dish.

Another big deal dish is Green Bean Casserole. This is to die for. It has a great flavor and is good with tater tots added into it. A nice tip I have found is that, if you cannot use cream of mushroom because of a family allergy, you can use cream of chicken. Plus, it also adds a great flavor.

Enough of the food, let’s get on to the activities. Football is one of the things that brings most families together on Thanksgiving, whether you yell at the TV with your uncle while watching the game, or you play it yourself with your cousins outside. Thanksgiving is a great time to be together with the family.

This next activity is great to do if you have little siblings or cousins. It’s a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt where you look around the house and outside for the things you are thankful for. This hunt is made by “Let’s Get Together” and would not be very hard for younger children to find.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. It is a time to eat, see family and not worry about your weight. Don’t worry about how much you eat, the food is made to be eaten, so, enjoy it. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving from the LHS Roar Online Staff.

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