Prom Insights: Dinner Reservations


As someone who is worrying heavily about prom and someone who also works in a restaurant, it’s completely understood how big of a deal the dinner reservations are.

As restaurants go, there are plenty of good ones in Springfield. If you’re worried about space for your group, it’s better to pick some dinning place that you know is of decent size and can hold your party. All of the waiting puts a damper on the time you’ll be able to spend at the dance. There’s good news though! This can be avoided one of two ways. You can go to dinner after the dance, or you can take the chance at restaurants after pictures. Both of these options are good ideas, and both are pretty common when it comes to Prom. You risk certain things with either of these options, so make your choice wisely.

If you want to eat before the dance, I would follow one main rule of thumb:

You should always call ahead! 

As far as reservations go, you must call ahead, and that doesn’t mean calling a couple hours ahead. Give your chosen restaurant at least five days head notice. If you’d like to ensure you absolutely have your party’s tables all set up, it’s best that you reserve your table anywhere from a week to a week and a half ahead of time. This rule especially applies to you if your party has six or more people.

There’s a big reason why this rule is relevant. If you just walk in somewhere with a larger party, the chances are you’ll be waiting anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

There are plenty of problems that a wait like that could be hinting at, including the kitchen being slow. If you wait over an hour for a table,you will end up spending over two hours in this restaurant once dinner is complete.

A party of two should have less of a wait, but it’s just better to call ahead, make reservations and don’t risk missing half of what you got all dressed up for in the first place!

If you choose to do dinner after Prom, there’s one main issue. By the time Prom is over, most places are closed. Denny’s, Steak and Shake, and IHOP are the main places open later than 10. There will obviously be a lot more variety to where you can go if you eat before the dance.

Whichever route your group decides to go, just remember a few key things. Keep an eye on the time, be sure to call ahead for reservation, and most importantly try and keep the food from dropping on your dress or suit!

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