The Great Debate: Christmas Decorating


After you take down the skeletons and throw away the carved, rotten pumpkins? After you stuff all the plates from the feast you’ve devoured Thanksgiving Day into the dishwasher? The day before Christmas? It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the perfect time to set up those holiday decorations is, but the great debate continues.

We all have those friends. The friend who’s playing holiday music two days before you’ve even started to shop for all your guests on Thanksgiving, or the friend who absolutely wants nothing to do with the snow until days after the foods all settled. Different families do different things because there are different traditions to be upheld in different households. Just when, though, is the best time to go out and pick the perfect tree for the living room? When is it acceptable to start wearing red and green sweaters and hang those stocking by the chimney (or entertainment center in my case) with care?

One option is 12 days before Christmas, December 13. Choosing this date would pay a little tribute to the classic song 12 Days of Christmas. Another suggestion is the third Sunday of Advent, that falls on December 11 this year. This date works well if you have a more religious home setting.

Another popular date people choose to begin decorating is on the second Saturday in December (this year being December 10). What date you actually pick to begin decorating honestly depends on you, your family, and your schedule. Between students stressing over finals and projects, and parents taking extra hours to fatten up your paycheck for the season, it’d be beneficial to plan to decorate when the family needs to take a breather.

Though personally, unless religiously mentioned otherwise, I don’t see why the actual date of the decorating taking place matters.

If you ask me, the perfect time to set up your home for the holidays is a day when the whole family is together to do so. If that day falls on the day after Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas, or somewhere in between, then so be it! It could take all day to go out and buy a tree, or stand outside and wait for those blow-up decorations to inflate, or figure out which bulb on the string of lights isn’t working, so make sure you set aside a whole day for this. Enjoy spending time with little siblings, big siblings, parents/guardians, and whoever else you invite. Don’t focus on the date itself, focus on the activity! Enjoy the season.

Now that that’s settled, we can start considering when to take down all those Christmas lights.

Happy Holidays!

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