Welcome to The Roar Online!

Lions, gather around and check it out!

This is the new and improved Lanphier High School Student Newspaper. That’s right, you read correctly. Lanphier’s one and only student newspaper is still alive and well. In fact, it’s thriving! We’ve gone modern, succumbed to technology, adapted to the new age and gave you as students easier access to something as old school (and still cool) as a high school newspaper.

Of course, expect to see a few bugs here and there. The LHS Roar staff is still getting used to the layout of it all. The cooler things that come with a website should show up later on (as we get a bit more accustomed to how it all works) but for now, let’s keep it simple and enjoy the basics.

The LHS Roar staff will be posting new articles about what’s going on in the school, community, and world. They’ll be posted as often as possible, but bear with us, our staff is surprisingly small. If you have any interest in being involved in a LHS tradition, come see Ms. Davis in Room 249! Be sure to spread the word, tell your friends and check back here regularly for new stories.

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